Tequila for the Budget Connoisseur

Tequila has always been my go to liquor for the warmer weather months, host of all sorts of fun and vaguely ethnic nights for margarita people everywhere. Everyone’s had those moments of going to their local alchohol emporium, strutting through the door like they know exactly what they want, until they arrive at the rows of bottles only to stare dumbstruck at the billions of choices and end up picking the same thing they got last time.

Staying Active Even With Exercise-Induced Asthma

We all know how exercise can help our bodies strong and resistant against various illnesses. While exercising, it is normal to pant like an excited dog after a vigorous workout routine. Unfortunately, some people experience more – or worse — than that. These people who want to get fit tend to have asthma attacks while exercising, rather than just normal shortness of breath. This condition is called exercise-induced asthma.

A Surprising Tool To Help Level up Your Dating

Social Media is one of the greatest breakthroughs that man has discovered in the 21st century. The platform is recently the favorite media numerous companies use in positioning global brands to the worldwide market. While it has made an unbelievable impact on marketing, advertising, and sales to many businesses, it also influences people in dealing with their day-to-day life as well their dating life.